Self- & team organisation is a cloud-based team management system with an independent, free app.


Pool personnel management

Easily organize a personnel pool and attract new employees with flexible working time models

Minimaler Aufwand

Unplanned absences

Reduce the time required to refill services to well under 10 minutes.


Secure team chat

The Chat runs like the whole system GDPR compliant via European services.

Data Security

Be organizationally relieved

The Team App supports the self-organisation of team members and reduces the effort for the organisational work in the team. There are numerous functions: Duty roster management and sharing, chatting, digital professional card, skill search, sick leave, absence management, Springerpool management, time recording and performance documentation, service exchange assistant also with interdepartmental exchange, time corrections, break corrections, do not disturb function, free & service requests and much more. Download for free

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The „ Team“ app is and remains free of charge Team is a web-based team management system with an independent, free app. The clou is that employees can use this app on their private smartphones independent of their employer, in compliance with data protection and free of charge. The employer can be involved, which creates added value. The app was initially developed for the demanding healthcare sector, but today it can be used in any industry. At least two and ultimately any number of people form a team according to the messenger principle.

The employer can activate premium features

If you as a team have learned to appreciate the benefits of the app after a while, the benefits can be increased by involving the employer. In this case he pays a very small usage fee. The data sovereignty remains with each user*in. Extensive data protection settings allow each user to determine which interactions with the employer are enabled and who is allowed to see which data. Important for many: The private mobile number is not required and can remain secret. Even in the premium version with employer connection, the app is and remains free of charge for all users. Startpakete

Become a member of the community

Nowhere is there a faster access to the „ Team“. Here you communicate directly with the makers and can ask all your questions and contribute development ideas.


The success story of your team




What became easier with



„ Team puts an end to time-consuming coordination processes via slips of paper, e-mail and sticky notes and consolidates all information and team-organisational processes on one platform. The integrated team chat helps me to separate my professional communication from private chat processes. My private smartphone number can remain secret.“

„With we have found our solution to coordinate pool personnel. An enormous time saving. Enquiries are answered immediately and our ideas have all been implemented“.

Die Headge
Personnel Pool Managerin

„Can only recommend! Mega Team App, super good and fast support and everything for free. Our employer supports its use and is now even having an interface set up“.

Registred Nurse

„Great app for organizing teams and your own hours. If the employer is involved, roster requests and even sick leave can be reported directly via the app.“

Markus Andersen
Medical Doctor

Set up. Relieve team.

The Team

A study had shown: 1:41 hours need chief nurses to manage only one single unplanned absence. What an effort. Other topics quickly came to mind. A lot of things were running pretty old-fashioned and, above all, mega-intensive. Worldwide we were looking for a complementary team management system that would support the dynamic daily routine after the duty roster creation and before the payroll. There was none. That is why we developed it ourselves. Every „ Team“ user now has 6 days less team organizational effort per year.

Guido Burkhardt RN

Co-founder & CEO

A nursing professional who, as a pioneer of the digital, seizes the digital opportunities.

Yves Rausch

Co-founder & CDO

A development manager who is motivated to make complexes simple.

Ansgar Bittner RN

Nursing Expert

A nursing manager with the passion to digitally relieve nursing from obsolete tasks.

NP Jane

Creative Director

An internationally experienced nurse who combines digital with nursing competence.








About every four weeks there is a new app release. Accordingly we always have a lot of new information to report.

RELEASE 3.5.3 VOM 9.3.22

Wir haben die App technisch verbessert und einige Bugs behoben. Darunter auch den Fehler, dass sich der Dienstkalender auf einigen Android Smartphones nicht mehr mit dem Kalender auf dem Handy[…]

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RELEASE 3.4 VOM 9.10.21

Dieses Mal haben wir für Euch die Darstellung des Diensttauschs im Chat verbessert. Die Buttons haben jetzt eine „sprechende“ Beschriftung und sind damit leicht und intuitiv bedienbar. Die Darstellung der[…]

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Release 3.3 vom 13.7.21

Ein weiteres kostenloses Upgrade für alle Team User Das Team System hat bis zur Version 3.2, die am dritten Systemgeburtstag veröffentlicht wurde, eine phantastische Entwicklung durchlaufen. Gerade in[…]

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